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The 808 Mentality

The people of Hawaii are described as being relaxed, genuine and kind. These are all qualities that may be attributed to a single common phrase you may see while touring the islands, whether on a tshirt, a bumper stick or perhaps even a tattoo — “Lucky We Live Hawaii”. This well-known slogan perfectly represents the […]

A Closer Look Into Haleiwa Town

This sleepy little town, nestled comfortably along Oahu’s North Shore, is the polar opposite of the busy cityscape of Waikiki. More than a hundred years ago, entrepreneur Benjamin J. Dillingham opened one of the first hotels in Hawaii. He named the lodge Haleiwa, its literal translation meaning “House of the Iwa”. The graceful frigate bird, he said, best […]

Food Trucks in Hawaii: Manapua Man to Big Wave Shrimp

Hawaii has a lush history of meals on wheels starting back in the 1970’s with the introduction of the Manapua Man. Although manapua (traditionally known as cha ciu bao, steamed bun filled with pork) was the obvious top seller, the best Manapua Men sold fried noodles, pork hash, hot dogs, burgers, dumplings, canned juice and […]

Crunchy Shrimp Recipe

The Freshest Shrimp With The Biggest Crunch! If you haven’t already tried our patented crunchy shrimp, you are missing out! Along with our other “Broke Da Mouth” shrimp plates, our crunchy shrimp is making quite the name for itself. Our food truck, along with our crunchy shrimp recipe was featured on an episode of Food […]

Welcome To Our Family

Aloha, We are Big Wave Shrimp. Opened in 2006 and still running strong, we are a family owned and operated business with one goal in mind – to make our customers happy! Our mission is to have each and every customer who dines with us leave with a stomach full of ono food and a […]